2014: There has just been an order placed to finish off our zombie collection (CAN YOU HAVE TOO MANY ZOMBIES?) there will be a few full standing and some not so full parts of terror.. 

2015: We built our moving picture frame ver 1.0 and it works great!  There has been two FULL top to bottom "Killer Klowns from outer space" suits with masks added to our inventory and many masks this year.  Along with  a few used movie prop lighting system so we can not duplicate any light type effects we want to set the mood.. 

​2016: We have finished the build of BOBO and SAM (Notes are in there build page)

2016:September 16:  We will start the build of our waterproof TV for a front display the following is the parts list..

   1 40" new LED TV new style

   1 TV wall mount (Basic w/o adjusting.

   2 1X6X6 sanded boards

   1 2X4X1/2 sanded plywood

   1 2X4X1/8" thick clear plexiglass

   1 2x4x8 standard wood board

   1 can leak sealer

   1 flat black cheap spray paint

   1 roll foam joint sealer

   1 tubes of Liquid Nail (Projects)

   1 double gain waterproof electrical cover

   1  6x6 plastic container with rim on top

   1 12v power supply and 4" computer type fan.

TOOLS needed:

  Basic hand tools

  table saw with full adjustable blade

  double wide blade set for saw

  heat gun

  sander for cut edges. (belt or vibro)

​Sep 15 2016:

  Started the TV build today.  I will post very detailed pictures of each step so this can be repeated with no problems.

    Made basic box with extra support rods in front to give space between front plastic  and  tv scren.  today we should finish the painting and start on rear cooling and wire access.

NOTE:  If the plan is to place tv in yard it is best to use an HDMI to Cat5e/6 transfer box so all that is needed is a small cable and power for sound and full video (100.00) HDMI is not the best cable to run long distance and cat6 system can go up to 500 feet distance.


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