Campbellween's Display and show

  • Discovery of BOBO 52:36

2019 The Complete Story

So we are starting with a thought...

 March 02 2017.....

  I have two full self involved animatronic characters I need to add a master of them all or a ring master....

I need some magic from someplace in the US to make it real...  New Orleans ?   A Witch from the bayou....  

Well Do to neck issues I was not able to do much more than repeat last years haunt.  There is still a witch in the plan that is half completed..


 Before there was BoBo as we know him now as a broken down old clown forced to live his never ending life out of a circus create there was a nice BoBo.  And as I said in the last story he used to perform for the children around town.  After his dog died he was so depressed that a local gypsy gave him a card for an old costume house that was the home to Dilldread An old lady from the bayou who has been known to produce magic before.  And this is where are new story line starts.


The story of BOBO as heard and seen by our reporter is now in its complete audio as left on the I.N.S. answering system


  • ESCAPE TAXI 91:11

  • BOBO IS GONE 61:41

  • Discovery of BOBO 22:04

  • end1:56

  • SAM Alive 72:32

  • Discovery of BOBO 41:45

  • Discovery Of BOBO 11:11

  • AIRPORT FOUND 101:02

  • Discovery of BOBO 31:48