Campbellween's Display and show


(Monday October the 20th: 8:30pm)
  There has been a disaster in the small New York town of Bolton Landing and it is not what you would expect or believe.  From what authorities can piece together it appears that the town’s party entertainer that you would find at many kid’s events around there is dead.  Reports are leaking out about some type of magical experiment taking place at the address of the deceased.  There are remains of thousands of rats in the basement and local animal officials have been called in. We will keep you updated on the events at this location as we get more information.

 (Monday October the 20th: 10:00pm)
We have been able to get more details about the experiments going on here over the past few nights.  An unnamed source stated that “BOBO seems to not completely be dead and he is being transported to a facility to be studied."  I will state that as I was waiting on the sidewalk officials in full bio gear was carrying a box with lines of red and white to a waiting truck, when one of them tripped it appeared that a skeletal hand fell out of the box and appeared to grab at the official before being put back in the box and closed up again.   Also when the box opened there was disgusting looking goo that fell all over the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch BOBO seemed to have in his front yard.

(Tuesday October the 21st: 10:30am)
After interviewing the next door neighbor it has been learned that BOBO has been distort for weeks about the loss of his dear beagle named Bags who was killed a few weeks ago. She stated that BOBO would comment that he had a way to bring his friend back from the grave so they could be together for decades more.   I also got an update from the police lab prior to it being destroyed earlier today by what would appear to have been a bomb.  I was told that the “goo” I reported earlier seems to be some kind of re-animator liquid.  What I was told is that it can bring back to life anything that it touches; yes I mean it could have brought Bags back to BOBO.  I will try to get more detailed information on this in the next few hours.

(Tuesday October the 21st: 12:30pm)
After talking to the officials from animal control I have found out that the rats found on the floor seemed to have human flesh in there stomachs and some of them have decayed externally for over 10 years.  This would seem to indicate that the rats were in fact revived from being dead for up to 10 years just to attack then die off again.  Another interesting seemingly unrelated story is that at this location there seems to be four pumpkins stolen from the front yard of the deceased  although authorities seem to think it was animals by the way the roots were bit through It just does not seem to be to be completely unrelated to the events going on here.

(Wednesday October the 22nd: 12:30am)
I have gotten to see the crate I spoke about earlier through some not so normal means.  But I must report to you that all the reports seem to be true after what I have just witnessed.  I was in witness of the crate when it seemed to open by itself and a half eaten skeleton raised itself out of the box at which time I had a conversation with a thing in a clown outfit that said its name was indeed BOBO the clown I earlier spoke about being killed. The thing we will call “BOBO” told me that he was trying to bring his lost friend Bags back from his long sleep when something went very wrong spilling the brew they were using.  Then he began talking about the rats that ate him and that was the end of the conversation as he climbed back in his box to get away from the imaginable rats. I will come back to see if I can get more details later in the night.

(Wednesday October the 22nd: 5:00am)
IT’S GONE! I went back to the facility and it was empty, not even a scrap of paper was left on the walls. It seems like there was a complete cleanup and these people were SCARED by the way things were tipped over and just torn away from the facility.  I did find a spare gas mask in the corner of a large room that seemed to have its walls burnt.  Other than that there was only a partial piece of paper with the world "DANGER ANIMAL WASTE"  I do not know what has happened to BOBO or whatever that was.  And what is going to happen to me after reporting this story. In the future look out for anything about BOBO and stay away from it.  I have a guess of where the crate was taken and I am going there tonight.  I should have an update by first AM.



BOBO the Clown IS NOT FULLY ALIVE but he is also NOT DEAD and the cycle of BOBO’s existence is able to be seen only one place. At CAMPBELLWEEN’s HAUNT where BOBO can perform for the lucky - or maybe not so lucky - few Along with what seems to be one of the pumpkins SAM... 

  BOBO is safe if you KEEP YOUR DISTANCE from this crate that has become his coffin forever.​


2016 Haunted Show & Display

So we are starting already with a few clown skits on youtube..  lookup Campbellween ..

So the date is August 18th and SAM has come to life with his voice finally.  We are working hard at getting the friendship between SAM and BOBO to come around.  They both have there own personalities and quirks so it will be a hard road that hopefully has a spooky ending that you can see here..

This year will be an outside haunt show only. HOPE THERE IS NO RAIN....  you can find more details soon here!

​I would like to give thanks to Ben Howard who gives BOBO his voice for me and Skulltronics who gives him life.

​​WE have started the process of syncing all the equipment in each skit.  A long process and wires and lights everywhere all over the house for a few weeks..  since most people here can not ever see the real haunt I will post videos of each scene until I get real videos of Halloween night to replace them.. 

I contacted Ben Howard overseas so we can get the opening act and the dog skit completed. He has not contacted me back about final project.  I hope he does soon so we can start detailed performance ..

Just uploaded here the first four of the final skits we will be showing on halloween night.  Syncinmg of SAm and bobo is easy when the voices are here.  However BEN has not responded back to me about extra bobo work.. so my hands are tied on that option.

BEN HOWARD HAS NEVER GOTTEN BACK TO US..  So we went with a new voice for BOBO it is close to the original voice,,  

 We have completed our 50 minute routine before it repeats a single routine set.  And there are even two routines we can set off if needed remotely.  The whole show runs off of an IPhone set to remote control the system..

NEXT YEAR 2017 we will launch our company to write full routines for your haunt.