Campbellween's Display and show

2006 brought back CAMPBELLWEEN after a long needed rest.  My son is now old enough to help me and can not wait to do so (3 years old) he is not afraid of most of the props.  I started showing him small things and explaining they were like a tire or plastic pet or ball.  So now they are all known as the plastics or plastic people and he can go into any store and he loves to play with the plastics.  Anyway I got off track here.

 After we moved we have done a little bit that nowhere neer what I did in 2001 however this year i got down all the boxes and set off to build a haunt.  The only problem was the rain and rain... so I did not do as much movement as I would like but as you can see it did turn out to be more than your average house.

BUT, also this year was the first year for my DVD's called  Terror Trails which is all the movie trailers I could find all back to back to form over 2.5 hours of running 2 minutes segments which are great for a haunt or party.    P.S. the picture for this year came from the movie Black Sheep..

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